This blog website is about Natural Skincare, Haircare and Makeup solutions. With a focus on refillable packaging - less throw away this time around! High quality, affordable, refillable and perfect for travel whether you're travelling to the gym, pool or going on a long flight. Leak free, small size and perfect design.

In 2008 I created Skin Rich - pure natural mineral makeup and skincare. It was an instant success. However I created more work for myself than ever planned and ended up with a job I would never have chosen for myself. Creating a product and running a business are two very different professions. I loved creating and selling the products and hated running the business.

In 5 of the 7 years I ran Skin Rich I lost 5 main members of my family. I worked in a constant state of grief and overwhelm. I had a checklist of 15 professions to tick off each day whether I was doing them myself or managing someone who was: production, warehouse, phones, website, social media, sales, marketing, advertising, admin, accounts, I.T, retail shops, distributors and legal. The only profession not included in this list but should have been was HR (human resources). Nurturing people was left out, as it often is in small business. There needs to be a priority set from word go in business to have a budget for an allocated people's manager. The main problems for small business owners come from people problems. Yet the kind and caring management of people is often forgotten. In the race to complete tasks and keep the ball rolling within a setup inhumane for any one person to endure - the business owner creates an outgoing wheel of money and payments to staff and finds little time or energy to give any more than money. An imbalance can occur and it can all fall apart. I felt like I was living in hell for years.

Now I am free from the constraints of busy and messy business and now wish to offer what I know and create - this time around with the environment and my sanity in mind. Less people, more products, using streamlined technology to create and run positive online business.

Starting with skincare please enjoy The Coconut Container Range currently on the shopping cart. Haircare and Makeup to follow with blog posts and links to purchase perfect pacakaging and refill ingredients from other sites. Consider your go to for all inventive, affordable, natural skin, hair and makeup needs, perfect for travel and beauty.