Perfect Skincare for Travel and Beauty.

The Coconut Container has all the features you need to travel with coconut oil well, whether you are actually travelling or just travelling to the pool or gym! Small 55ml is small enough to carry with you everywhere!

A flat silicone tube base allows for easy filling whilst you can stand the containers upright. The easiest way to refill your containers is to melt down your coconut oil and pour it in through the wide opening once the lid has been taken off. Line up your containers on a bench and fill quickly. The screw on cap is 100% leak free. The clip top lid is secure and clips over a 100% leak free valve.

Gone are the days of products spilling out into your travel bags on long flights. And the most effective aspect of this container is it allows you to squeeze as cream when coconut oil is hard and white in cooler temperatures and squeeze as oil (mess free) when your coconut oil is runny and oily in the warmer temperatures.

We only sell this empty container in White so that you can refill with whatever products you choose and be able to see through the container for what you put in there. Otherwise feel free to follow our colour coding, prefilled with White for Raw, Blue for Lavender (Refine), Aqua for Exfoliant (Rough) and Red for Remix.

You can buy the coconut containers full from us initially and then refill yourself with our coconut oil concoctions. The perfect skin care solution for anyone interested in minimalism and travelling light. This way, 4 products can replace 10+ products as natural alternatives for: tooth paste, mouth wash, cleanser, soap, face and body wash, sunscreen, deodorant, cuticle cream, moisturiser, face and body exfoliant, foot scrub, hair cream, aromatherapy, shower gel and many more.

You can learn more about the full range as well as purchase our full range directly here:

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